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Divorce is a stressful, deeply personal matter‚ often times happening under very adversarial conditions.

The RI Divorce Mediation Center staff believes it is violation of a client’s trust and legal right to privacy and a breach of our ethical responsibility to discuss or reveal the existence or content to any outside or third party of any:

  • 1.) Consultations‚ contact or conversations with our clients or their personally chosen legal counsel‚ whether inside or outside of our office.
  • 2.) Telephone conversations‚ fax transmissions or e–mail correspondence with our clients or their personally chosen legal counsel.
  • 3.) Documents of any kind or data provided by our clients or their personally chosen legal counsel to RI Divorce Mediation Center  in any format including‚ but not limited to: a) paper‚ b) electronic storage media‚ c) CD/DVD–rom or audio cassette provided the client has the verifiable legal right to access or possess these documents or data.
  • 4.) Consultations‚ contact or conversations with our client’s personally chosen RI Divorce Mediation Center third party professional affiliates working with and on behalf of our clients in any capacity‚ in addition to any information or reports‚ etc. in any format that they may provide.

…to anyone other than the client’s personally chosen legal counsel or a representative of the State of Rhode Island Family Court or State of Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office.

Any and all requests for privileged information will be made through the RI Divorce Mediation Center’s legal counsel.

Company and Web Site Information

Rhode Island Divorce Mediation Center LLC
1055 Oaklawn Avenue‚
Cranston‚ R. I. 02920

President: Lori A. Grover, N.C.M.
Vice President: Kevin J. Grover

Hours: Monday — Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Telephone: 401-228-8789
Fax: 401–228–7390

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Evening appointments are available for the
convenience of our mediating clients.

The RI Divorce Mediation Center, LLC (formerly the Divorce Resource Center of Rhode Island‚ LLC),
a private LLC company‚ was founded in May‚ 2005 and opened to the public in Cranston‚ R. I. on March 1st‚ 2006.

The RI Divorce Mediation Center, LLC operates and maintains this web site, RIDIVORCEMEDIATIONCENTER.COM
in addition to being the registrant of the domain name.

The content of this web site © RI Divorce Mediation Center, LLC.

Original content may not be reproduced for commercial use without the express written consent of
The RI Divorce Mediation Center‚ LLC.

Non–Original content published by permission of the Author or Copyright holder.

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