We understand how difficult and expensive a divorce can be. We’ve been through it.
A good Divorce Mediator doesn’t just help settle your divorce by dividing your “stuff” and time spent with your kids, they help you resolve divorce related problems and create a plan for the future. As divorced parents we understand the problems you’re facing, problems an attorney or a judge can’t fix that can make starting over seem almost impossible. Here at the Center you can expect expertly qualified mediation services and smart, realistic divorce advice you can trust plus additional help for marital home finance and tax questions, debt and credit issues, personal counseling needs and legal advice from our local network of top notch professional affiliates – when you need it – to help you to create a workable, realistic divorce settlement that’s fair for both of you.

Client Testimonials

  • "I can't tell you what a relief it was to meet Lori. I was in a very difficult divorce, my spouse was angry, and we were very far apart in what we wanted. Lori was incredibly calm, impartial and ultimately made both of us feel so comfortable that we were able to come to an agreement on everything that was important. She is very skilled and I would recommend her to anyone."

    Michelle P.
  • "Lori & Kevin Grover, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and care. The Mediation was a terrific gift and experience. Your teachings were thoughtful and profound. Life is such a prism and your angel to me and my family. Divorce is so difficult and so hard specially when there's 3 little girls involved that once had a loving home and a happy family, but thru your guidance and your coaching and teaching I was able to make my own decisions about my future and most important my 3 little girls because after all as a proud father that is the most important thing to me. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are a masterful guide and teacher"

    Jack D.
  • "Lori and Kevin were so easy to work with and extremely professional. They never took sides but rather guided my partner and I through the emotional process of splitting our lives, children, possessions, and all the things we hadn't even thought of. When we needed space and time, they always gave it to us and Lori even suggested we take a time out to think through some things that would help us be better co-parents. Her true agenda seemed to be to make sure we were both on the same page AND to make sure that we made choices for our children that not only we could live with but that were in the children and our best interest. - Read complete testimonial

    Ally D.
  • "To Whom It May Concern: The demise of a marriage is an extremely difficult reality to face. Divorce is an intricate time for all involved, especially considering our children. We were ready to divorce even though we still cared for each other. As we entered into the divorce process, our upmost concern was to protect our positive relationship and be able to co-parent our three wonderful children. It was crucial that we work together to handle the difficulties associated with a divorce, considering all involved. What we expected to be a very challenging drawn out process was relatively simplistic with Lori...."   - Read complete testimonial

    Michael & Sandra G.
  • "Why do weddings begin in the church, holy site or cherished spot only to succumb to an ending in the courtroom? After many court visits with little or no progress, meeting Lori was truly a blessing. For me to say that Lori Grover is anything other than an angel in disguise or a saint or someone of similar status, would be a lie. The heartwarming welcome into her office sets a peaceful feeling into your soul and gives you the sense of progress underway. - Read complete testimonial

    Chris R.
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