Putting Time On Your Side In Divorce

Divorcing couples are often surprised by how much is involved when they get a divorce

And this includes what it takes to create a good settlement and parenting plan. In other words: creating a settlement that make sense, is fair to both of them, and doesn’t keep them perpetually shackled to conflict and court. In today’s economy and because family dynamics have changed so much, couples (and parents) want their divorce to be cost effective, they don’t want to risk getting drawn into a legal battle and they want to do everything they can to ensure the well-being of their children.

All that being said, making solid financial and parenting decisions that typically extend years into the future are an important part of what spouses and parents face when they divorce. But not all couples go into their divorce with the advantage of ‘time’ to make decisions that would be considered well thought out and in the best interests of everyone involved – and those are the cases that begin and end in court. So much of what a separated family’s life is like after divorce depends on the quality of the decisions that are made during the divorce. And the truth is, overcrowded, impersonal court systems and opposing attorneys aren’t the prescription.

One of the reasons mediation has a success rate that exceeds 85% and has become the preferred choice to create divorce settlements is because unlike litigation, it affords couples the ability to take their time and make decisions they feel are best for them. Working out a settlement in an environment that’s solution oriented, which the couple controls, means they’re able to make well thought out decisions rather than settling on something that may or may not work. Every divorcing person wants a future that’s secure. What many couples fail to realize is that every decision they make is going to impact their future.

The legal approach to divorce is shortsighted because no one considers the effects of decisions made in haste, or out of frustration or anger. Decisions like these won’t help families thrive or rebuild their lives. A neutral process, like mediation, provides couples with an environment that they need to separate in a sensible way and lay the foundation for their future at the same time. The fact that mediation is a shorter, more cost effective approach only add to its benefits.

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