Divorce Wisdom

“If you want your divorce to be a success, it will most likely mean employing a strategy slightly different than the one that led you up to it.” ~ Lori Grover


“Getting a divorce exposes the true character of the person closest to us… Ourselves.” ~ Lori Grover


“A divorce that doesn’t leave you financially or emotionally broken cannot be fought for, it must be negotiated.” ~ Lori Grover

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  • ed botelho

    At what age does child support stop? Is it eighteen or at high school graduation?

    • Kevin Grover

      Here in Rhode Island:

      “In a proceeding for divorce, divorce from bed and board, a miscellaneous petition without the filing of divorce proceedings, or child support, the court shall order either or both parents owing a duty of support to a child to pay an amount based upon a formula and guidelines adopted by an administrative order of the family court.” From the R.I. General Laws: Title 15 Domestic Relations – Divorce and Separation § 15-5-16.2. Child Support payments are based on the financial resources and income of the custodial parent; the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not ended; the financial resources and income of the non-custodial parent and other factors and the legal obligation ends on the child’s 18th birthday or 90 days after high school graduation.”

      However, there are also other factors considered such as “does the child have special needs”, for example. The laws also vary from state to state. Paying child support is not an issue to take lightly. Seek professional legal advice to be sure.

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