Divorce Vlog with Lori Grover – Choosing a Divorce Mediator – Week 5

Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Choosing a divorce mediator, the person who will assist you through a difficult period in your life, is an important decision with far reaching and long lasting repercussions if you choose unwisely. Like your choice of doctor, therapist, accountant, lawyer or financial advisor, that person’s training, their professional experience, their “bed-side manner” and especially their personal philosophy that guides how they view their role and perform their service matters a great deal.

Buyer Beware!

Unfortunately, there are a number of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” we’ve seen lurking in the legal profession. These are attorneys that advertise also as “divorce mediators” who offer it to capture additional business that allow the negotiating process to fall apart and then quickly offer to represent only one party, leaving the other party feeling vulnerable and at a disadvantage right from the start. Others we’ve seen offer to represent one party when the mediation is finished which is a violation of the Canon of Ethics that govern the conduct of attorneys.

RI Divorce Mediation Center president Lori Grover, NCM will discuss this practice and how to avoid it in detail in this video. Check back with us periodically or like and follow us on Facebook to have our videos added to your news feed!

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